CIESC Driver Education
Traditional Course

Registration Fee: $355 (price includes class & in-car instruction)
Classes offered periodically throughout the school year.


Classes meet 4-5 days a week, up to 3 hours per day, immediately after school at the high schools listed below. Check School Locations page for specific information.


Dates listed are for classroom only. The learner permit may be obtained after successfully completing the classroom phase. In-car instruction will begin between 8 and 13 weeks later.

Review the  Student Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

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Learner’s Permit

After successfully completing the classroom phase, students will apply for the learner permit. The learner permit is not needed before the start of class. The Certificate of Driver Education (CDE) form needed to obtain the learner permit will be issued by email at COMPLETION of the class. BMV Indiana Code (IAC 4-4-3) has been updated allowing only the behind-the-wheel provider of a driver education course to issue the Certification of Driver Education Enrollment (CDE) Form. Enrollees of classroom training only (online or traditional) will not qualify to obtain the learner permit at age 15. 

2020-2021 School Year

Due to the uncertainty of things. There will be no in-school classes offered this school year. We are looking into offering live-streamed Zoom classes in the fall.
We will continue to offer the online class and behind the wheel instruction throughout the school year. Please check the Online Course page for more information.
Online Course

Traditional Class FAQs

Where will the classes be held?

CIESC’s driver education is an at-school after-school program. Classes are held at the particular schools listed. Room numbers may not be immediately available but should become available at least 1 week before the class begins.

How long is your program?

For most schools, classes will be held Monday through Thursday for 3 weeks for 2.5 hours per day. Please check individual school page for class time.

How do I submit my child's registration?

You may register and pay online (using a credit card). Registration forms are also located in the main office at your high school, as well as on our website. Forms may be submitted by mail or fax only. Mail registration form and payment to:

Attn: Driver Education
3500 Depauw Blvd
Pyramid Two – Suite 2020
Indianapolis, IN 46278
Or fax to 317-663-2082 (if using Visa or Mastercard).

Can I register by phone?

No. At this time, we are not accepting any registrations by phone.

Is there a deadline for submitting registration?

Registration deadline is 1 week before the class begins.

Can my child attend classes at a different school?

Yes. If space is available, students are welcome to attend classes at locations other than their own school. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from their school choice.

How do I get my student to and from Driver Education classes?

Transportation is the responsibility of the parents. Students may not be approved to ride the after school bus for our classes.

Can my child be paired with a friend for the behind-the-wheel portion?

Yes. If your child needs to be assigned with a specific student for carpooling reasons, include this information on the registration form.

When can my child receive his/her learner permit?

The license branch will ask for the Certification of Driver Education Enrollment form. This form will be emailed AFTER successful completion of the class. Your student will also need to present an original birth certificate, original social security card, school report card as well as proof of residency. A parent may have to provide their valid driver’s license, original birth certificate or passport and 2 proofs of residency. Please visit the BMV website for more information.

When will my child begin behind-the-wheel driving?

Once the permit has been obtained from the BMV and you are ready to begin your lessons, you must update your account with the permit number. This will place your name on the ready to drive wait list. Please allow 4-6 weeks to be assigned to an instructor after updating your account (During heavy enrollment periods the wait could extend to 8-12 weeks.)

Can students begin behind-the-wheel drive at the same time they're in class?

Yes. As long as the permit has been obtained, students may drive with the instructor or parent.

My child is going to miss 1-3 days of class, will he/she need to make up time missed?

Yes. Any hours missed is required to be made up. On the first day of class your child will need to inform the classroom instructor of which days he/she will miss and the instructor will then explain the options available for making up the time missed. Missing 1-3 days of classroom will not jeopardize your child’s eligibility to enroll in our driver education program. Any days over 3 will result in withdrawal from the program and forfeiture of fees paid.

What is your refund/ transfer policy?

To receive a full refund our office must be contacted before the start of class. There is a $50 fee for all refund or transfer requests made after the start date of the class (please allow up to 6 weeks for processing check refunds).


Please be advised a refund of services will disqualify the student from obtaining the probationary license at 16 years and 90 days and would not qualify for any insurance discounts if applicable.

My question was not addressed. How can I reach you?

If you are unable to find the answer to your question on our website, please send us an email at for a quick response. You may also call the office at 317-759-5560.