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Important Information


Students are required to be at least 15-years-old in order to enroll in and begin the online course work.
Students must complete the online course within 120 days of payment.
Online work must be completed in Google Chrome or Firefox web browser.
Please view BMV Requirements link for additional information on obtaining your probationary license.

Class Setup

1. 15 units

2. Each unit contains lesson quizzes and unit test

3. One online final exam

4. Complete one unit per day

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Quick Facts


Students must log at least 30 hours within the course.

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Course available 24 hours/7 days a week. Open Enrollment, Start Anytime.


Work at your own pace. The course is accessible at any PC or tablet.


A driver education program consists of 30 hours of classroom/online instruction AND 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with an approved driver education provider.


Online Class: $55

The cost of our entire program for online students of member schools, including the behind the wheel instruction is $355 ($55 online class/$300 in-car instruction). This fee is for students of member school districts. Non-member students add $20 to the registration fee. List of Member Districts Be sure to check the refund policy below for refund requests.

Online only ($55) does not include the behind the wheel instruction. Without this portion, you will not qualify for license at 16 years and 90 days. See BMV Requirements for more information.


AFTER successfully completing the online course, the form needed to obtain the learner permit will be emailed.

The online course will help prepare for the state exam. CIESC recommends completing the online class before attempting to take the test at the branch.

Technical Requirements

You must use Google Chrome or Firefox as your default browser.

Internet Explorer and Safari may not be compatible with some functions of this course, such as saving work, so we suggest you not use them. Some units use Adobe Flash, so iPad and iPhone users may need to install and use Puffin as their default browser.

Behind the Wheel Instruction

Students must be registered for the in-car instruction portion of the program in order to begin in-car instruction. Assuming in-car instruction is paid, once the permit has been obtained and you are ready to begin your lessons, you must update your account with the permit number. This will place your name on the ready to drive wait list. Please allow up to 8 weeks to be assigned to an instructor after updating your account (Some area’s wait extend to 8-12 weeks.)

Once assigned to an instructor, you will receive a link to the instructor’s calendar to choose your 6 drive sessions. Each student will have an additional 120 days to complete the 6 hours of in-car lessons (not combined with the 120 days for the online course). Please plan to make yourself available to the instructor in order to complete within this time frame. Unfortunately, we must revoke Learner Permits from students that fail to complete all 6 hours of instruction within that 120 day window.

Pick Up And Drop Off Locations

In-car instructions will be provided from the following high schools: Avon, Beech Grove, Ben Davis, Brownsburg, Carmel, Center Grove, Decatur Central, Fishers, Franklin Central, Greenfield Central, Greenwood, Hamilton Heights (summer only), Hamilton Southeastern, Lawrence Central and North, Lebanon, Monrovia, Mooresville, New Palestine, North Central, Perry Meridian, Pike, Plainfield, Southport, Speedway, Warren Central, Western Boone, Westfield, Whiteland and Zionsville.

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Online Course FAQs

What are the start dates for the online course?

The online class is an open enrollment, start anytime course. You may start at your convenience, assuming that you are at least 15 years old.

How long will it take for my child to finish the course?

The online course may be completed in a minimum of 15 days (including the online final test). Students are only allowed to complete one unit per day. The course must be completed within 120 days.

Can anyone enroll in the online course?

The online class option is open to all students at least 15 years or older. In order for CIESC to provide the in-car lessons, students must have the ability to drive from one of our member schools. Please see school choices by clicking on View School Locations to your right.

How do I pay for an extension of the online course?

Please call the office at 317-759-5560 to make payment over the phone with a credit card. The $50 extension fee adds an additional 120 days to the online course.

Each extension request requires the extension fee. There is no maximum on the number of extensions allowed however a new Certificate of Enrollment (CDE) will not be issued until the course has been successfully completed.

When will my child receive their Learner Permit?

It is recommended to obtain the learner permit after completion of the online class. The license branch will ask for the Certification of Driver Education Enrollment (CDE) form. This form will be emailed AFTER successful completion of the online class. Your student will also need to present an original birth certificate, original social security card, school report card as well as proof of residency. A parent may have to provide their valid driver’s license, original birth certificate or passport and 2 proofs of residency. Please visit the BMV website for more information.

Can students begin ``behind the wheel`` driving while taking the online course?

It is recommended that the student complete the online class before obtaining the probationary license. If the student used the Certificate of Enrollment (CDE) to obtain the learner permit, they must successfully complete the online class before beginning the in-car instruction.

I've completed the online course through another online provider. Can I register for in-car instruction only?

Yes. Please be advised: CIESC will be unable to administer the final road skills test if you completed an online course with a different provider. Please view the Behind The Wheel page for more information.

After completing your program, when is my child eligible to get his/her Probationary License?

Assuming the student completed both class and in-car instruction with CIESC, each student must be at least 16 years and 90 days and hold their learner permit for 180 days before applying for the probationary license. (without driver education 16 years and 270 days)

What is your refund/transfer policy?

No refunds will be given of the online course after completion of a single lesson or activity. All transfer requests made after completion of a single lesson are subject to the $50 processing fee.

My question is not addressed. How can I reach you?

If you are unable to find the answer to your question on our website, please send us an email at drivered@ciesc.org for a quick response. You may also call the office at 317-759-5560.